hoping & doing

In our society today,  a lot of people have this constant urge to do everything before we die. To travel the world, get an education, have a successful career, have a family and so on. And a lot of times everything we want to do becomes ’just talk,’ a dream that we never take the step to make it a reality. Instead, we settle for what we get. Applying for safe degrees at university, for jobs we don’t want because it pays well. We settle for being ’stuck’ at the same place, in the same town we grew up in with the same people. 

When I was between the age of 10-12, I started to dream about moving to another country. At the time it was the cliché dream, living in The United States. I wanted to move to California or New York to pursue my dream to become an actress and the second I graduated high school I was going to start packing and jump on the next flight. Of course, it is an unrealistic dream, but I have always had big dreams. As the years went by the goals changed the destination of where I would want to live changed. It has gone from the USA to England to Italy back to England than the USA again and so on. As well as my career dreams: actress to a stylist to make up artist to a singer to journalist to a teacher. 
Like many others, I started to talk about that I would move to the states and do this and do that. With time this becomes talk and the people I told my plans to, didn’t believe me. 

Okay now,  fast forward ﹣ So, in June 2016 I graduated high school, and I got a job for the summer so I could save up some money because I was going to move to Australia to study at a university in the fall. Now, today, I am living in Brisbane, close to finishing my Business degree and when I look back, I realize that I did it. I made it. My dream to move to another country, to study abroad is now my reality. I did stick to my plan, and it did not just become ’talk.’ 
Looking back on my journey, I've realized it's not impossible. It can be a bit hard, but it is manageable. 
You do not HAVE to stay at your job IF you don't like it. 
You do not HAVE to stay in where you are now IF you're not happy. 
Because hoping for a day that will change your life won't happen. Actions make things happen. 
I know all of this is pretty obvious, and in some cases, it is easier said than done. Depending on what it is in your life you want to change, even the smallest change can make a significant impact. Like perhaps doing things differently in your daily life. Or book a trip or signing up for a yoga class. Just the changing small things, or adding small things will make a massive change in the long run, so why not take control and make things happen?

''a journey of a thousand miles, begins with one single step.''
- Lao Tzu