I have a confession to make. When I was in my teenage years, I was a fangirl. And the artists I was freaking out over was.. ''drum rolls.''

One Direction! (shocker) 

One Direction was a boyband who consisted of five members who got put together into a group on the talent show: The X-Factor UK in 2010.

After coming in third on the show, One Direction got signed to Syco Records and became the world greatest boy band. With a fanbase who kept growing and was crazy hysterical! 

Little teenage me went to every single concert they had in Sweden, and 3/4 times I purchased an ''Early Entry VIP Package'' AND queued for hours to be front row. Looking back, this seems insane to me.

I remembered crying a lot during the shows, even after the concert was over. I was on the floor crying out of happiness and excitement. 

I cannot help but wonder now that I am 21 years old, as I am still a huge fan and been to both Harry Styles' and Niall Horan's solo tours, are people fans of them because of the music or because of their image and looks? Are their fanbases genuine? 

Because, when they are out walking on the streets, after five minutes the police have to shut down the road because it gets too crazy. Fans are waiting outside their hotels, keeping them trapped inside. If you compare this to very successful bands such as Coldplay whose fanbase is massive, their career is all about the music.  Coldplay would most likely not get mobbed while taking a walk.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not saying the fanbase is not real. However, I do wonder if I was this ''massive fan'' because of the music they created or just because of the way they were portrayed as these ''perfect boys that would make the perfect son in law''.  

I'd like to believe in most of these cases that we were fans because of a combination of both these reasons. They did make good songs - for us at the time to listen to and enjoy, and they were very boys.

But I still do not understand why we all got so hysteric?

What is it that makes us - girls in particular - so excited, happy and emotional when a new pop sensation is born? Is it indeed the music? Is it their looks? Is it teenage hormones and going through puberty? Is it that we are all were trying to escape reality, and dreaming of happier days? Or perhaps it is a mixture of all? 

From personal experience, it was a way of finding hope, something to look forward to (not going to lie, their attractive physiques was a big plus *wink, wink*). 

I was not the most popular and pretty girl in school, and the other kids weren't always very kind to me. And listening to One Direction made me feel happier, it made me forget that life sucked. That made me excited to go to their concerts and see them in real life.
Also, girls love songs that tell us we're pretty. 

Looking back, I regret nothing. I had an incredible time at the One Direction concerts, and I believe it is some beautiful thing to have an idol that helps you through your worse days. 

Everyone has their coping methods, and this is the Fangirls.